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Conditions Of Hire


  1. Deposits are required within 7 days of making a booking otherwise the reservation may be cancelled with no notice to hire. Once the deposit is paid the booking is confirmed.

  2. Full payment for the hire is required ( 8 ) weeks prior to departure.

  3. A bond of $1000 for 6 berth houseboats and $1500 for larger boats is payable on arrival.

  4. The bond is in addition to the hire charge and will be refunded approximately 7 days after the end of hire once fuel costs are deducted, provided the boat is returned on time clean and free of any damage. The hire is responsible for the cost of the fuel and gas used.

  5. The insurance excess in the event of accidental damage is $1000 for 6 berth houseboats and $1500 for the larger boats, if more than one accident occurs during the hire period, each individual accident will be treated as a separate claim and the excess will apply to each individual claim for which the hire is completely responsible. 


  1. The deposit will be refunded less a $100 cancellation fee if 90 days minimum notice of cancellation is given by the hire.

  2. Cancellations notified between 45 to 90 days prior to departure will forfeit all monies paid unless the houseboat is rebooked for its full value. In this case all monies paid will be refunded less a $150 cancellation fee.

  3. Cancellations notified less than 45 days prior to departure will forfeit all monies paid unless the houseboat is rebooked for its full value. In this case all monies will be refunded less a $200 cancellation fee.

Travel insurance is highly recommended to cover costs in the event of unforseen circumstances

General Conditions
  1. Hire commences at 3.0 pm on the first day of hire unless earlier agreed times by management.

  2. The boat must be returned to the marina by 9.0am on the final day of hire.

  3. All instructions on handling the vessel will be given prior to departure.

  4. The boat must be returned in good clean condition or an extra cleaning charge will apply. Loss and breakage will be charged at cost.

  5. Anyone who drives the houseboat must be over 21 years of age and hold a current drivers licence. The driver must not be under the influence of alcohol and or drugs.

  6. No persons are permitted on the roof section of the upper deck nor outside the railings of the houseboat. No persons at any time are to be outside the railings on rear deck when motors are in operation.

  7. The number of persons on the boat must not exceed the number of berths allowed under maritime regulations.

  8. The boat must only be driven in daylight hours sunrise to sun set.

  9. Hires are not permitted to bring any of the following on board the houseboat,Firearms or offensive weapons of any kind, motor bikes, chain saws, no animals, no dangerous noxious corrosive toxic or poisonous substances or other inflammable liquids, no fire works.

  10. All crafts have been surveyed and comply with all Maritime and harbours regulations. Management will not be held responsible for injury incurred on the vessel. Management reserve the right to refuse any person / persons from boarding the vessel.

  11. Hires must not do any thing on or to the houseboat or to any fixtures, fittings or accessories which may result in loss, damage or injury to any persons or property.

  12. Any vessel or recreational equipment must be unoccupied whilst being towed behind the houseboat.

  13. The houseboat must not be taken beyond the boundaries set by management or signs indicating danger.

  14. A private secure car park is provided for vehicles, however no responsibility is accepted for these vehicles. ( Stored at own risk )

  15. Management will endeavour to have the vessels mechanical, electrical etc in good working order, management will not be obligated to refund for the loss of time due to break down during the hire.

  16. Any attendance required by management for the mishandling of a vessel will be charged accordingly.

  17. All our boats are non smoking, smoking inside is not permitted.

  18. Hires must be aware of surrounding conditions with common sense approach to safety of all persons aboard the houseboat, no diving from the top deck or jumping from the safety fence rails, be aware of oncoming boats whist swimming from the rear of deck.

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